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An essay is a short essay on agiven topic that reveals and substantiates the idea expressed in its title. Anessay is a small literary form that means "attempt","test", or "essay". In higher education institutions, thisform is used to find out a student's personal opinion on a particular problem.In good educational institutions, it is not so much the opinion itself that istested, but the ability to justify it in a reasoned manner and the presence ofone's own position. There are also purely technical requirements that must be met.You can view the memo on the website, where it is presented in a short andunderstandable form. The founder of the essay is French the writer of the16th century Charles Montaigne. An essayist can be a scientist, writer, or evena journalist who immerses himself in a topic out of his own passion or on theinstructions of the editorial board in order to present the main problems on aparticular topic in a form accessible to the reader. Literary essays arecharacterized by lightness, effervescence, and a fascinating description of thesubject not in a strict academic form. This is something intermediate betweenthe genre of an article and the genre of a review, where, in addition toimmersion, the author's perception is important. An essay is a little more thana review, where there is an assessment, emotion, and a little less than anarticle, which is a scientific and critical genre.

There is less science in theessay.

This most interesting literaryform has long been used in universities in Europe and America at exam sessions.According to European standards, the requirements for an exam essay are thesame as for a simple scientific writing a paper In recent years,an exam in the form of an essay has been introduced. Such an exam allows you toidentify the ability of applicants and students to master information, immersethemselves in the topic. This is a kind of test for the student's professionalaptitude, that is, learning ability, his ability to master terms, logicallyexpress his own and other people's thoughts, and draw conclusions from what hasbeen said. The essay allows you to identify intellectual and creative abilities.

An essay can be written on anysubject, but usually an essay is used in the humanities, where along withknowledge, the author's position is important, where the same idea can becovered from different angles, where different interpretations of the samephenomenon are presented.

How does an essay differ froman exam assignment? If the essay came to educational institutions fromliterature, then the school or introductory essay is an artificially createdgenre for testing knowledge. In principle, an essay and an essay research paper help are similar, andhere and there you need to express, develop and justify your thoughts. But theessay on the exam is given much less time (usually an hour, while the essay hasfour hours, and at school even all six). The essay is shorter, more sketchy, andstructured. In general, an essay is not a "hundred-meter walk", butit is not a "marathon" either. Rather, it corresponds to the mostdifficult distance for track and field athletes - the 400-meter run, and evenwith barriers in the form of complex and unusual formulations. On the exam,there is no time for looking at the ceiling and sucking "thoughts out ofyour finger". And you'll definitely have to forget about the draft. Youneed to immediately write "on business".

How to become a good essayist?A person is led to knowledge write my research paper either by his own passion, orby a "stick" -someone else's will. Growing up, a person becomesindependent and replaces someone else's will with his own. They acquire skillsin self-management (self-organization), that is, the ability to independentlyset a task and find ways to solve it.

We hope that you willvoluntarily start practicing essay writing, improving your mind, logic andmemory, like an athlete who goes to the gym and does a lot of seeminglymeaningless movements, improving his body, and then achieves a record. You needto redo a lot of simple exercises (simplify, divide, reduce) to learn how tosolve complex math problems. And to play Paganini, you need to play scales longand hard - exercises for the hands. One famous violinist, angry at lazystudents, said in his heart: "Well, no, there is no other way to learn toplay the violin!".

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